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Results for 2017

Heart of England in Bloom Results for Evesham.

Silver-Gilt Award

Award Category: Town 

Judges comments: Judges: Mark Wiltshire & Jennifer Wharton.

Wow, what a difference a year has made. The improvement in this entry is remarkable. The new rebranded bloom committee has worked wonders.
Heritage is king in Evesham, from the 1000 year old Almonry House to the Bell Tower along with some very exciting plans for the Abbey Grounds Garden.
The local businesses have really gone the extra mile this year, in particular Merstow Green Funeral Home and the nationally acclaimed Royal Oak. The market square is now once again thriving with numerous new businesses moving in.
The two parks Abbey Gardens and Workman Gardens have both retained their Green Flag status and it is easy to see why.
The highlight of the tour was the visit to St Andrews School with possibly the most informative and knowledgeable pupils seen in recent years.
The tour ended with a trip from Workman Bridge back to the Hampton Ferry giving a completely different perspective of the river.

Areas of Achievement: 

 Abbey Park and Workman Garden meadow turf and well tended borders excellent colour schemes
 Almonry Gardens
 The rejuvenated Market Square
 Much improved Merstow Green Car Park
 The improved BT Exchange
 The increased number of pubs and businesses taking part
 River Avon fishing etc.
 Self watering hanging baskets
 Heritage is in abundance here be it Almonry House, The Abbey, or the many historical buildings
 The incredible number of festivals, far too many to mention
 The good use of recycled seats
 The newly rebranded committee
 Very enthusiastic children at St Andrews School
 Excellent use of social media supporting the campaign
 Very good presentation
 In kind use of the tour car and boat

Evesham in Bloom committee would like to thank all those involved in helping the town to get it’s award, we have also received some pointers for areas of improvement and we will be taking these into account as we look at 2018 and the years to follow.