Egwin was made Bishop of Worcester in the year 693.He came from a noble family possibly related to Aethelred King of Mercia.
He came to be at odds with the local population over his strict views on Christian marriage. His stern discipline created a resentment which made him enemies and these people reported hum to the Pope in Rome.
He undertook to prove that his regime was correct and journeyed to Rome to see the Pope face to face. Before he left Evesham he put a shackle around his feet and threw away the key into the river Avon vowing not to be released until he had the blessing of the Pope.
When Egwin reached Rome he settled into his accommodation and his servant went to the market to buy fish for supper. When the fish was opened they found a key inside its stomach, the key was to the shackle around Egwin’s feet. After such an event how could the Pope not give his blessing hence Egwin returned to Evesham Vindicated and therefore founded Evesham Abbey at the behest of Eof the swine herder after his vision of Mary.