Litter Pick and Spring Cleaning.

Helping to keep Evesham litter free

litter free

Litter Free Evesham is an initiative of the Evesham Town Plan, supported by Evesham Town Council and Wychavon District Council. Our aim is to keep Evesham clean and tidy all year round, not just when it’s Evesham in Bloom time!

We need your help to make sure Evesham remains litter free. See the news pages for details of our litter picks and spring clean nights, as well as any other Litter Free Evesham events.

Litter pickers help clear up the streets of Evesham as part of the Great British Spring Clean.

AROUND 35 bags of litter were collected in Evesham as part of the national event, the Great British Spring Clean. General rubbish was also cleared up during two litter picks held in the town on Saturday, March 4 and Sunday, March 5.

On Saturday, anti-litter campaigner Bruce Taylor and Councillors Colin Tether and Gerry O’Donnell, from the Evesham Town Plan anti-litter group, joined local people for a clear up of the footpaths and alleys running around Rynal Place and down to Common Road. Around ten people filled 15 bags of litter.Councillor Tether said: “It was a great turnout and the ten of us made a real difference in just over an hour. “It is good to see the paths looking spick and span and I was pleased to see all the rubbish picked up was collected and taken away by Wychavon on the Monday morning.”Many thanks to all those involved.”



On Sunday, the litter pick was based at the Marketplace and local residents joined the Mayor, Councillor Fred Kaler, the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Richard Jones, and other town councillors for a litter pick around the town centre, the High Street, Oat Street and Abbey Park.

Around 20 people collected 20 bags of litter before having tea in the Town Hall. Councillor Kaler said: “It was fantastic to see so many people out picking up litter and taking pride in their town. “A clean and tidy Evesham benefits all and hopefully this will make those who do drop litter think twice.”

The anti-litter group will be planning further litter picks during the year and are keen to involve local people. Anyone who would like to be involved should contact Stuart Carter, the town clerk on 01386 443322 or at the town council offices.

The Great British Spring Clean is a national event to raise awareness about the problem of litter.