Schools in Bloom

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Schools in Bloom 2017

All the schools, preschools and nurseries in Evesham have are invited to take part each year we run the competition.

This is always a wonderful chance to see what the pupils can do and we have never ever been disappointed.

The Mayor of Evesham will be leading the judges of the school competition and  I am sure he will enjoy it very much.

Results for 2017:

Swan Lane First School, Gold and overall winner.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Gold

St Richard’s CofE First School,Gold

St Andrew’s CofE First School, Gold

Vale of Evesham, Silver gilt 

The De Montfort School, Silver

Results for 2016:

Tweenies Nursery :- Gold.

Busy Bees Nursery :- Bronze.

Swan Lane First school :- Silver.

St Mary’s First School :-  Gold and overall winner.

St Richard’s First School :- Gold.

Vale of Evesham School :- Silver.

The De Montfort School :- Silver.

Acquired Brain Injury Unit :- Silver gilt.

Leaps and Bounds Nursery :- Gold.

Vale of Evesham School
Vale of Evesham School